Our Process - UK Pension Expert

Our Process

Moving your UK pension overseas could seem like a time consuing and overwhelming task.

We at UK Pension expert have developed a process which makes the entire experience smooth and efficient.

  • Step 1
    Fill out our enquiry form

    Once you leave your details, we get in touch with you over phone to fix up a time for a meeting face to face or over Skype if based in different cities.

    We offer a complimentary review of your pension at this stage, which gives us information like: Value of your pension pot, fully funded or in deficit?, has it falled into Pension Protection Fund?, your Guaranteed Minimum Pension? Has there been any changes made to retirement age or other entitlements?

  • Step 2
    Meet with our consultant

    Once we received this information back. We then meet with our client to discuss in detail their existing pension scheme and the alternatives available to them.

    We then explain why it makes sense to move your pension and exactly how they will be better off by doing so.

  • Step 3
    Processing transfer out forms

    We then proceed with the application to transfer the pension into the chosen pension scheme.

    Great news is that there are no tax or penalties, or any kind of deductions at all so 100% of the funds come across into the new pension plan. Usually takes about 8-10 weeks for transfer to happen and new pension policy to come into force.


Funds received between 4-8 weeks of sending the complete application

If the member has turned 55, benefits can be accessed straight away.

Happy customers around the globe